Gallery Sille was established in 2007 by Tamara Sille. She is an artist and art consultant, and mediates for more than 250 Dutch artists.


Gallery Sille is a small and personal business with an online gallery and a very large gallery shop in Oudewater of the Netherlands. Individuals, businesses and organizations can obtain contemporary art from Dutch soil. For purchase and rental, a commission or free advice.

Tamara Sille graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in the field of Visual Arts and Design.

Trained as an artist and teacher, she spent six years teaching, after which she qualified as a culture coordinator. In 2007, she started an online gallery, next to her artistry in figurative art. This was a big success, so she opened a large gallery in Oudewater (her birthplace) in 2011.


Gallery Sille is now an established gallery in the art world and is committed to contemporary Dutch art. She provides a platform to both renowned and emerging artists.




In addition to many exhibits and events, the gallery is also perfectly suitable for meetings and charity. Gallery Sille is part of Verzamelgebouw Vesting kleineGRACHT, which is run by Tamara Sille. The 400m2 gallery is the centre of various business and practice areas, which use the large gallery as a luxurious waiting room.


Gallery Sille is committed to the Dutch art. Read more about Support Dutch ART


Visit our Gallery

Sille Galerie & Kunstuitleen
Goudsestraatweg 8
3421 GJ Oudewater



on appointment


on appointment




10:00 - 17:30


10:00 - 17:30


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