Maurice la Rooy

Rooy la Maurice
‘Terwijl ik met het glas bezig ben is het alsof we in gesprek zijn. Tijdens het proces verandert het glas voortdurend van consistentie. Van koud naar warm naar vloeibaar en het glas doet niet altijd wat ik verwacht. Glas is koppig. We spreken, en tijdens die dialoog komt het sculptuur langzaam tot leven'
Maurice la Rooy


Maurice La Rooy - NL Maurice La Rooy graduated from the Media College Amsterdam in 2012 with a degree in Graphic Arts. After realizing that working behind a computer fulltime may not be the job he had dreamed, he began working at the Van Tetterode studio where he learned the basics of glass making. In 2014, Maurice was awarded the Aventurijn scholarship to attend Pilchuck Glass School and study with Shelley Muzylowski Allen & Rik Allen where he began to develop his sculpting abilities and become more intertwined with the international glass community. Maurice has exhibited his work extensively, participating in 14 exhibitions in the Netherlands, Portugal, and Denmark. Among these, he took part in two, two person shows with Louis La Rooy, first in the Laerken Museum in Denmark in 2015 and then in the Galeria Municipal de Sao Bras in Portugal in 2015, In 2015, Maurice joined the team at Gent Glas in Ghent, Belgium, working together with John Moran artist and co-founder/operator at the studio. He has spent the last 2 years developing his sculpting and glass making abilities and splits his time between developing and creating his own work, free-lancing, and teaching all the introductory glassblowing classes at Gent Glas. Currently, Maurice works mainly in The Netherlands and Belgium. Using a variety of materials in combination with glass, Maurice has developed a very distinctive style. His work is figurative in essence; portraying his opinions about and criticisms of modern day society, frequently returning to the imagery is death and the way we percieve it.